The best way to get any questions you may have answered is to give us a call on 0151 321 0616 or request a call back here.
Below are some of the more frequent questions we get asked:

How quick will I get an offer on my property?

Typically, following the initial contact we will make you an offer within 24 hours. Get your cash offer now and start the ball rolling.

What type of properties do you buy?

In short, we buy absolutely any type of property, including (but not limited to) Detached, Semi Detached, Terraced, Bungalow, Flat, Maisonette, Cottage, Studio, Barn, Office Building, Garage, etc.

The property can be in any condition, from pristine to slightly run down to needing a full renovation. We are property experts and will make an offer on any property.

How long does the process take?

At webuyanyhouseinliverpool.co.uk our primary focus is you. Whether you need a quick sale or have a specific date in mind later down the line, everything is tailored towards you and your ideal timescale. Typically, the process takes 3-4 weeks but in the past we have completed on properties in as little as 7 days.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, none whatsoever. As we are a direct cash buyer, there are no hidden marketing fees or commissions to be deducted from your offer, and in most cases we will even cover up to £1000 of your solicitor and legal fees.

Is my case kept confidential?

Yes, we guarantee that each case is kept entirely confidential and that your details will never be shared with any third parties. There is no need for any ‘for sale’ signs outside your property or any public viewings. Finally, we will contact you in any format you wish to be contacted in (email, phone, letter) and ensure privacy & confidentiality at all times.

What if I am in arrears with my mortgage or about to be repossessed?

If you are currently in this situation, we would recommend seeking help as soon as possible, whether from us or other trusted sources in this field. We have good relationships with all major mortgage lenders and can work with you to find the best solution for your individual circumstance, alleviating the burden from you.

Will you buy my house if it’s currently let to a tenant?

Yes, we can buy properties even if there is still a tenant living there.

I’m worried my situation is too unique – can you still help?

We buy property 365 days a year and whilst each case is indeed unique, the chances are that over the years, we will have experienced dealing with somebody else who was in the situation you are currently in. Here are some of the more common circumstances we come across: seller going through divorce, financial difficulty, inherited property, emigrating, health changes, relocating, fresh start, short lease (about to expire), retirement, want dream home, the list goes on…

Whatever reason you may have for wanting to sell your house, here at sell@webuyanyhouseinliverpool.co.uk we are able to provide you with a tailored offer and the opportunity to sell your house fast.

How do you value my property?

webuyanyhouseinliverpool.co.uk do not use set percentages or averages when valuing your property or making you an offer. Our dedicated research team will assess each property completely individually, conducting thorough due diligence to ensure we make the best offer for your property to allow for a quick and hassle free sale.

What documents do I need to provide?

With an estate agency sale, there can be a lot of paperwork to deal with and it can be a headache and time sap, especially when you’re not experienced in selling a property. When selling your house through us, we make everything as straightforward as possible and help you through the entire process, taking an extra weight off your shoulders.

Why should I use you over an estate agency?

When committing yourself to an estate agency, you are automatically joining a wider property chain that can produce a lot of stress and anxiety. You expose yourself to more potential complications (buyers pulling out of purchases, not being approved for mortgages, etc) and you may endure a lot of heartache waiting for the process to progress, as well as still having to pay utility bills, council tax, mortgage payments and all associated agency and legal fees.

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